Everybody loves to go out to dinner. You dress up, get in the car, and pick your favorite restaurants. It’s a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night. You peruse the menu and pick something that looks delicious. You enjoy an appetizer, entrée and even splurge on dessert. You drive home and go to bed thankful for an enjoyable night out. The problems start four hours later when you’re awoken with terrible stomach pains. You spend the next couple of hours in the restroom feeling ill. You are afraid you may be suffering from food poisoning.

Usually, food poisoning only lasts a few hours. You suffer through it and pray for the agony to end. However, there are times when the food poisoning is very serious. You may have to go to the hospital. You may even be admitted. Food poisoning can cause some pretty serious injuries. If you have been a victim of food poisoning, you may need to contact a Crestview personal injury lawyer.

Proving Causation for Food Poisoning in Crestview is Not Easy

Food poisoning cases can be very tricky. You not only have to prove that you were sick, you also have to prove that your illness was caused by a certain food. Food poisoning cases can be very difficult to prove. This is why it’s important that you have an experienced personal injury attorney in Crestview handle your case. Sone of the most common causes of food poisoning include:

  • Bacteria and Viruses – These are the most common causes for food poisoning. You may suffer from different symptoms depending on what bacteria actually caused the poisoning. Bacteria and viruses can be transferred to your food from restaurant employees. They can also be transferred directly to you from a server or busboy who is carrying the virus.
  • Parasites – You may remember this term from middle-school science class. Parasites basically get their nourishment and protection from other sources called a host. You could eat rare beef and end up getting sick from a parasite that was inside the cow.
  • Mold, Toxins and Contaminants – A lot of restaurant food poisoning cases are caused by contaminants and mold. Not all restaurants are kept clean and safe. If you ever look at the kitchen in some of your favorite restaurants, you may never eat out again.
  • Allergens – A lot of foods contain ingredients that people are allergic to. You may be allergic to nuts or shellfish. If a waiter or chef mistakenly tells you that your dish contains these ingredients, you could end up in the hospital.

Your Crestview personal injury lawyer is probably going to have to hire experts to prove that the defendant caused your food poisoning. Because this can get very expensive, it’s always a good idea to try to settle your case. Neither the restaurant nor your attorney want to go to court. This is why most personal injury cases do settle. It will be hard to prove the defendant caused your food poisoning, but it could be just as hard for the defendant to prove he didn’t.

What Damages are Associated with a Food Poisoning Claim?

If you file a claim for food poisoning, you are going to want to be compensated for your injuries. Although one may think food poisoning is a minor injury, it can be very serious. You may need to get surgery or stay in the hospital for days or even weeks. Depending on the type of contamination, you could be sick for quite some time. Your personal injury lawyer is going to demand that you paid for your injuries.

Damages for a food poisoning claim may include the following:
  • Medical bills – Your lawyer is going to demand that you be compensated for all medical bills caused by your food poisoning. This includes past and present medical bills as well as future bills.
  • Lost wages – If you miss time from work because of your food poisoning, you should be compensated for this. Your Crestview personal injury attorney will make sure this happens.
  • Pain and Suffering – In minor cases, it will be a real stretch to argue pain and suffering. If you are only sick for a few hours, should you really be filing a legal claim in the first place? However, if you sustain serious injuries, you may be entitled to pain and suffering.

Your Crestview personal injury attorney will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. He will try to negotiate a settlement with the defendant or his insurance company.

Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm in Crestview Today

If you or a loved one have suffered food poisoning, you need to contact a personal injury law firm in Crestview immediately. Food poisoning is very short lived. You don’t want to wait weeks or months to report it to the restaurant. You want to report it immediately. You also want to make sure you go to the hospital so you can document your injuries.

Contact the personal injury law firm today to schedule your initial consultation. It is absolutely free and you pay nothing until you settle your case. You can bet the restaurant will have an attorney working for him. You need to make sure you have one working for you!


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