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As Americans, we love our cars. We like purchasing them, owning them, and driving them. Some folks even like just looking at them and taking good care of them. People feel actual emotional benefits when their car is clean. Seeing a well-kept automobile shine in the sun is a nice experience that anybody can enjoy. Can You Sue a Car Wash for Damage in Florida

And when it's time to pull your favorite warm-weather automobile out of the garage for a nice spring cleaning. Whether you visit a self-service or full-service car wash, the expectation is that you will depart with your vehicle in better shape than when you arrived. Regrettably, this is not always the case. Can you sue a car wash for damage? Find out more below.

Is the Car Wash Owner Liable?

The owner of a car wash is responsible for providing reasonable care and keeping their property safe for consumers. This includes giving thorough instructions for how to operate the vehicle wash, training personnel to answer customer inquiries and follow safety requirements, and maintaining and upgrading the car wash equipment on a regular basis.

The car wash owner is negligent if they fail to maintain their premises securely for consumers. If you can demonstrate that their carelessness caused your automobile to be damaged, you may be able to submit a claim with their insurance company to collect your losses.

Owner Negligence Caused Damage

Negligence occurs when the owner is aware of a dangerous or hazardous condition on their property but fails to take action to remedy it. This does not apply to unexpected problems that the owner would have no means of detecting or rectifying in time.

Assume the owner does not post any signage indicating where or how to drive your automobile onto the automated track. You make an erroneous entry into the vehicle wash, and the track destroys your rims. In this instance, the owner may be held accountable for failing to satisfy the level of care required of property owners.

However, if a piece of equipment breaks and damages your car during the wash cycle, you must demonstrate that the owner was aware of the failing equipment and did nothing to remedy it.

Furthermore, some vehicle washes want you to sign a release absolving the car wash of all damage. However, if you can establish that they were irresponsible, you may still be able to get compensation for your losses. An expert Fort Walton Beach attorney can assist you in determining whether the damage to your automobile was caused by carelessness.

What if a Car Wash Attendant Caused Damage to My Vehicle?

Some vehicle washes include extra services such as detailing and interior cleaning performed by car wash workers. The car wash owner is responsible for recruiting personnel with appropriate expertise and, if necessary, training them.

Sue a Car Wash for Damage

If a careless employee damages the inside or exterior of your automobile, you may be able to hold the car wash owner liable since the person was operating on the car wash's behalf.

Our Lawyers at Browning Law Firm Can Assist You

You can probably handle a property damage claim on your own. You may make a claim with the irresponsible car wash's insurance carrier, but you may have to wait longer for an offer. Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be preferable to submit a claim with your personal auto insurance and let them handle the paperwork.

So, can you sue a car wash for damage?

If you were injured as a result of faulty car wash equipment and are seeking compensation, a local personal injury lawyer may help you assess if you have a case. Call or email Browning Law Firm for a free consultation regarding your premises liability claim.

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