Slip and fall accidents occur every day, causing everything from bumps and bruises to debilitating injuries. Unfortunately, victims are often quick to brush off injuries they do not think are serious, only to suffer pain and lost income in the weeks after the accident. Worse still, property owners and their insurance companies have a lot of experience fighting claims from victims of slips and falls, and many victims make mistakes after suffering a fall that can prevent them from getting the compensation they deserve.

Whether you are hurt in a retail store, on public property, or even as a guest in someone’s home, Browning Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our legal team can listen to your story, explain your rights, and work toward a successful outcome, and we don’t charge anything until your case is won. If you have suffered a slip, trip, fall, or another injury in the Emerald Coast or Northwest Florida, contact us today by calling (850) 344-1736 for your complimentary case review. 

Slips and Falls Are a Form of Premises Liability 

In the majority of slip and fall injuries, there is something that the property owner could have done to prevent the accident from happening. Under Florida premises liability law, victims have a right to file a lawsuit if they are hurt as a result of a property owner’s negligence. However, victims have only four years from the date of the accident to file a slip and fall claim—and the longer they wait, the more likely it is that vital evidence will be lost.

Victims may have a slip and fall case if they were hurt on an unsafe property, such as:

  • Grocery stores and retail outlets. Smaller retailers and owners of big box stores can both be held liable for an injury that occurs on their property. Shoppers are especially likely to suffer slips due to spilled liquids, such as a leak from a malfunctioning freezer unit or products that have spilled during restocking.
  • Hotels and restaurants. People staying in hotels may easily trip on loose carpeting, especially if hallways and stairwells are not properly lit. Any business that serves food to customers should have a strict policy of cleaning spilled food and liquids as soon as possible to minimize injuries and ensure there is enough lighting for customers to see where they are going.
  • Commercial businesses. Auto body shops, coffee shops, florists, craft stores, showrooms, and other commercial spaces each have their own unique risks of falls, with the additional risk of accidents happening outside the building due to a failure to install lights around the property.
  • Parking lots. Business owners can do many things to prevent customers from falling in parking lots, including clearing away snow and ice, filling any potholes or cracks, and ensuring that the parking lot is properly graded.
  • Public parks or sidewalks. Many people are injured each year on broken sidewalks and in public parks due to a failure to perform regular maintenance. Municipalities have a duty to keep public areas safe for visitors, and should perform regular inspections to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Private residences. Property owners are required to keep their homes and grounds reasonably safe for visitors. Guests may suffer falls down slippery stairs, twist their ankles on children’s toys or yard debris, or trip on a deck that wasn’t built in compliance with current building codes.

What You Must Prove to Get Payment for a Slip and Fall Accident in Florida 

In a premises liability case, the burden of proof is on the victim. To win compensation, you must show a direct link between the unsafe condition on the property and the injury you have suffered. 

Our injury law firm can help you prove that:

  • You suffered a significant injury because of an unsafe condition
  • The property owner had a legal duty to make sure the property was reasonably safe
  • The property owner or employees knew (or should have known) about the unsafe condition
  • The property owner or employees did not correct the unsafe condition in a timely fashion or warn visitors of the risk of injury

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