The beach is supposed to be a fun place right? It’s where you usually go when you need a breather from regular life, or where you go for a vacation. However, it’s also the place where people have their guards down, and where accidents may happen. 

Car accidents, in particular, are unfortunately quite common by the beach. Sometimes, you may be the negligent party, and other times, you may be at the receiving end of the negligence. In both cases, the smart thing to do would be to contact a Fort Walton beach car accident lawyer right away, so your problem can be assessed and addressed as soon as possible. 

Assuming that you have been hurt in a car accident, you may feel that all you want is for your life to go back to normal. But every day since your accident, things have only gotten worse: your insurance won’t pay for the costs of your injury, your doctor isn’t sure when you’ll be able to go back to work, and you may not even be able to perform the same work you were able to do before the accident. In some instances, you may not be able to return to work for some time. Others may not be so lucky, and they may not be fit to work at all. You may have heard or seen people who have never been able to return to work for several years. 

What will you do then? How do you heal from such an accident? Are there lawyers that can help you with these issues, or ease the impact of the accident somehow? 

If your accident happened in Fort Walton, Florida, or nearby areas, the first thing you might think post-injury would be: “Who should be responsible?” A ton of other thoughts may flood your mind as well, like “How do I hold the perpetrator or culprit liable?” “What evidence do I present to show an insurance company?” “I don’t have insurance, what can I do?” “The violator doesn’t have insurance, what can I do to get compensation?” 

Depending on the gravity of the problem and the facts of the case, we’re here to help. Here’s why you may need to be on the lookout for a Fort Walton beach car accident lawyer. 

fort walton beach car accident lawyer

A Fort Walton Beach Car Accident Lawyer Who Has Seen It All Before

If you are suffering after a car accident or have suffered from a recent one, it is vital to seek the advice of an experienced attorney. Most of our clients who have figured in such accidents have sought some sort of compensation somehow. But the thing is, not all of them know if they are entitled to it. For example, if the auto accident was their fault, would they still be entitled to compensation for their injury? What if they hit a pedestrian by accident, or perhaps, they’re the pedestrian? What if both parties are at fault? How can it be determined who among the parties should be adjudged as the most negligent? 

These are all questions that only a qualified and competent Fort Walton beach car accident lawyer with years of experience can answer, and be well-equipped to handle.

If the accident happened in the Fort Walton, Florida area, Attorney Coy H. Browning can definitely help. Browning Law Firm fights for the rights of crash victims who suffered head-on collisions, t-bone crashes, pedestrian accidents, fatal crashes, and other car accidents that resulted in minor, severe, or lifelong injuries. If you or someone you love was injured in a Florida crash, fill out our quick online contact form today to speak with us about your case.

Since auto and traffic accidents vary from person to person and case to case, we offer a free consultation to assess the situation and your needs. We understand that not all people have access to lawyers, and in fact, they may be intimidated to approach one, but we assure all our clients that once they pick up the phone and contact us, or send us an email, we’ll see how we can best help them out. 

We help victims who suffered unnecessary injury as a result of:

Distracted driving

Cell phones and GPS devices are two of the leading causes of driver distraction, a growing cause of car accidents nationwide. While a GPS device is supposed to help us find our way, using such devices can sometimes be a distraction and may actually cause unfortunate car accidents. 

Although drivers should be giving their full attention to the road, many are seen talking, texting, eating, drinking, or turning around to attend to children in the back seat. Sometimes, they may be distracted by the sights they see on the beach as well—especially if they’re in a place such as Fort Walton, where there’s just so much to see. 

Distracted driving is not only a risk for other drivers, it is also a major cause of striking pedestrians in crosswalks and merging into bikers who are obeying the rules of the road. An accident such as this can also cause damage to property as well. 

What if you’re the innocent party? If you are the one obeying traffic rules, and you just happen to have been injured as a result of a vehicle collision, it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as you’re able to. Otherwise, you may have to answer for your medical bills yourself, and you may be unable to get compensated for it. 

fort walton beach car accident lawyer

Alcohol and drug use

While laws continue to crack down on drunk driving, the number of crashes and deaths caused by intoxicated drivers continues to rise. Unfortunately, accidents as a result of drunk driving are common by the beach—often as a result of too much partying, especially among the younger crowd. In fact, if you just do a quick search on Google and check out the number of accidents that occur because of driving under the influence (DUI) in Fort Walton, you’ll be led to a whole list of articles that show how often car accidents happen. 

A person who has had too much to drink or is under the effects of narcotics or prescription medication will have slower reaction times than a sober driver, and will often cause much more devastating injuries as a result. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of carelessness. Other times it’s intentional. Either way, if you were struck by a drunk driver, we can help you pursue civil and criminal charges against the driver to recover for your injuries or for the injuries of your loved one.

Contrary to what most people think, criminal charges aren’t the only thing that can be filed against a negligent driver. You can also file a civil case, which entitles you to compensation for what you spent or will spend. Depending on the gravity of the accident, you may be awarded damages for the aggravation. 

You may also need to consider loss of your income, as a result of being unable to work, and damages based on the driver’s level of negligence. All of these can be claimed against the driver, as long as substantial evidence is gathered. 

Reckless driving

Careless and reckless driving can include many different behaviors, including speeding, weaving between lanes, sudden merging, street racing, tailgating, and passing another vehicle when visibility is low. If the driver who hit you failed to use proper or prudent care on the road, you can file a lawsuit to recover the costs of his or her negligence.

Whether or not recklessness happens naturally or because the driver has had too much to drink, the fact is, the number of victims of auto accidents is on the rise, and not enough people know that they can do something about it. There’s also the unfortunate instance when the reckless driver may escape the scene. Is there something that you can do then? 

We can help you seek compensation for such accidents, and justice, as the case may be. We believe that victims of auto accidents deserve nothing less, and it’s important that the law is implemented so these instances can be prevented. 

You see, when people think they can get away with something, they’re less likely to be careful if they know they won’t have to pay for the consequences. Thankfully, with the law by our side, we can minimize the occurrence of such accidents. 

Contact our law firm today if you have been the victim of someone’s reckless driving. 

fort walton beach car accident lawyer

Manufacturer defects

Most people may believe that drivers are always the negligent party when it comes to beach accidents or regular accidents. However, It’s not just drivers who cause severe injuries. Many accidents across Florida are caused as a result of defective auto parts and flawed construction during the auto manufacturing process. For example, the car may be faulty because of a tire blowout, or malfunctioning brakes. This is especially common among owners of second-hand cars, some of which unfortunately don’t have insurance. 

It’s happened several times before. Not just in the Fort Walton area, but also in several areas in Florida. There are too many drivers and passengers that are often killed as a result of faulty tires, brakes, airbags, and seat belts. It’s not their fault, and yet, they may pay heavily for it. In some cases, their injuries may cost them their livelihood. In worst-case scenarios, even their lives, or the lives of their loved ones. 

If your vehicle was not functioning properly, and an accident occurred, we can help you hold the automaker responsible for injuries. Perhaps you may know someone who has suffered as a result of a faulty car, we may be able to help them too. 

Other matters we can help you with: 

Negotiating with insurance companies

Before insurance companies can cover expenses as a result of beach auto accidents, they may need proof to support your claim. On your end, you may need to present substantial evidence to support the payout. Our law firm located in Fort Walton can help you with this. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why you need to contact an attorney right away, so an investigation can be conducted, and we can gather all the evidence you need. 

You may also need to negotiate with the negligent driver’s insurance company and check if they can cover your expenses. Otherwise, you may need to settle with the driver and go after him for compensation. Again, you need the help of a Fort Walton beach car accident lawyer to help you with your claims. 

Immediate Investigation Is Key to Getting Proper Compensation After a Crash

As a former Florida State Trooper, attorney Coy H. Browning understands how important it is to begin an investigation of the accident as quickly as possible. Each day that passes after the crash, more evidence is permanently lost due to road use, weather, and accident cleanup. With our extensive experience gathering information, evaluating crash scenes, and performing accident reconstruction, we can build the strongest case possible to win you maximum compensation for your suffering.

The Browning Law Firm has reached multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for auto accident victims throughout Florida. Not only do we provide exceptional legal counsel, we update clients regularly on the status of their claims, allowing them the time and peace they need to heal. Call us today to speak with a legal representative about your case.

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