Get the Legal Help You Need After a Traffic Accident From a Former Florida State Trooper

It can be hard to know whom to trust after you are hurt in a traffic accident. Many victims are overwhelmed by medical bills, cannot return to work, and are being intimidated by insurance companies—all while coping with the pain and limitations of a serious injury.

Coy-Browning-Former-State-Trooper-Accident-Lawyer-400-x-300.jpgOur Auto Accident and Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help You Get Your Life Back on Track

We can't say we're the best personal injury and car accident law firm in Florida, no one can. It's against the rules. But, we can say we will be up front with you, will treat you fairly, and will work tirelessly on your case. The Browning Law Firm’s personal injury practice is dedicated to helping victims of car, truck, pedestrian, motorcycle and DUI accidents get the compensation they deserve. As a former Florida State Trooper, attorney Coy H. Browning understands the hardships experienced by accident victims, as well as the insurance company tactics used to deny victims rightful compensation. If you or someone you love has been injured in a car or truck accident, fill out our quick online contact form, or call (850) 344-1736 for a Free Consultation.

We help victims who are suffering from a wide range of traffic crash injuries, including:

  • Car Accidents. People injured in car accidents often do not realize how much their injury can cost them throughout their lives. Our legal team can determine the true amount you are owed for physical, emotional, and financial losses. Attorney Coy H. Browning has years of experience evaluating accident reconstruction from the perspective of a Florida State Trooper. We can use this evidence to negotiate with insurance companies, and argue your case in court to get you maximum compensation for injuries caused by head-on collisions, t-bone crashes, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving crashes, and parking lot collisions.
  • Truck Accidents. Commercial trucking companies have strict regulations against spending too long behind the wheel, overloading their vehicles, and other actions that can put other road users at risk. When they break these rules, the impact of the heavy vehicle can cause severe injuries and even death for victims—and the trucking company’s insurers will work to pay as little as possible to victims. As a lawyer who has investigated many truck accidents throughout Florida, Mr. Browning has the experience and knowledge to represent your case against the driver of a delivery truck, 18-wheeler, or a commercial trucking company.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Not only are motorcyclists more likely to be seriously injured when they are struck by other vehicles, they are likely to be judged as partly at fault for the accident. Our firm can ensure that your rights are protected and that the full details of the crash are explored and made known, getting you the compensation you deserve.
  • Brain Injuries. People who have suffered traumatic brain injuries can have permanent disabilities that affect their ability to care for themselves. Since injury victims are often unable to earn a living, the financial burden is then placed on their loved ones, possibly for the rest of their lives. Our firm can help you recover the significant costs of a brain injury, including past and future medical bills, lost income, loss of consortium, and pain and suffering.
  • Spinal Injuries. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries, debilitating conditions that can have devastating effects on the lives of the injured and their loved ones. Depending on the location and extent of the injury, victims can suffer varying degrees of paralysis and may even be completely or permanently disabled. We can hold another driver accountable for causing lifelong suffering and costly medical treatments.
  • Wrongful Death. Many families that have suffered the wrongful death of a loved one are left wondering what they will do from one day to the next. Those who have lost a parent or spouse will also be forced to cope with overwhelming financial losses as well as emotional ones, selling assets they can no longer afford. Florida state laws allow families whose loved ones have been killed as a result of someone else’s negligence to recover compensation via a wrongful death claim. We have the experience necessary to win these cases, and can help you through this difficult time.

Let Our Experience Go to Work for You

Personal Injury Attonery Coy H. Browning has reached million and multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for victims of auto accidents in Fort Walton Beach, Shalimar, Mary Esther, Destin, Crestview, Niceville, Navarre, Pensacola, and throughout Florida. In addition to providing exceptional legal counsel, our firm is genuinely interested in the care and recovery of each client we represent, treating every case with a sense of urgency and communicating updates and changes to our clients at each stage of the process. No matter what caused your injury, our goal is always to maximize our clients’ recoveries so they can focus on healing. Email or call us today to speak with a legal representative about your case.