A drunk driving arrest can place everything in your life at risk. Not only could you lose your job and your ability to drive after a DUI conviction, but you may also continue to feel the negative impact on your life and career for years into the future. To make matters worse, the police, judge, and prosecutor have all been through the Florida DUI process many times before, placing you at a significant disadvantage.

Our founding attorney Coy H. Browning is a former Florida State Trooper who has made hundreds of DUI arrests, giving him unique insight on what it takes to defeat a DUI charge. If you were arrested and charged with DUI in the Emerald Coast or Northwest Florida, contact us today by calling (850) 344-1736 for a complimentary review of your case.

Potential Penalties for a DUI Conviction in Florida 

If this is your first time being arrested for DUI in Florida, you will likely be charged with a misdemeanor. However, Florida laws do allow some first offense DUIs to be charged as felonies, resulting in harsher penalties. If you are convicted of a DUI, you may be facing:

  • Impoundment of your vehicle for 10 days
  • Up to 9 months in prison
  • Probation for up to 1 year
  • Driver's license suspension for up to 1 year
  • Fines up to $1,000
  • Up to 50 hours of community service
  • A mandatory alcohol education training program
  • Potential installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle

A Former State Trooper Defending Your Rights

Since leaving the force, Coy has defended hundreds of people accused of operating vehicles while intoxicated, including cases of driving under the influence (DUI) or boating under the influence (BUI). At Browning Law Firm, we make it our mission to investigate all of the facts of your case, work to prove your innocence, get the charges dropped, or negotiate the best possible plea deal.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, we can help you:

  • Comply with Florida's 10-Day Rule. If your license was confiscated after a DUI arrest, you only have 10 days to request a hearing in order to challenge the administrative suspension of your driver's license. We will work to preserve your driving privileges, ensure you meet this vital deadline, and determine whether you qualify for a hardship license.
  • Question the validity of your arrest. Whether you were pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol or stopped at a checkpoint, officers must follow strict rules and procedures before making any arrest. If you were stopped illegally, searched without cause, were the victim of sloppy police work, or otherwise suffered a violation of your constitutional rights, you may be entitled to have all charges against you dropped. 
  • Challenge the results of field sobriety tests. As a former Florida State Trooper, Coy is familiar with the science and technology police officers use to determine intoxication. He has administered these tests himself and is aware of the problems during testing that can affect the accuracy of the results. We comb through the testing procedures used to obtain evidence against you, refuting any results that are inconclusive or were gathered illegally.
  • Avoid returning to Florida for court appearances. If you are an out-of-state client, we will work diligently to prevent you from having to travel to Florida for hearings or trial.
  • Fight to dismiss or reduce charges. Many factors can influence DUI charges and penalties. When we handle your DUI, our legal team carefully examines the facts of your arrest to develop the best defense strategy possible. If we are unable to secure dismissal of charges, we may be able to negotiate a lesser charge (such as Reckless Driving).

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The sooner you speak with an experienced DUI attorney, the better your chances of achieving a successful outcome in your case. We provide a free initial consultation to let you know where you stand, giving you peace of mind and a clear view of your options during this stressful time.

We assist drivers who are facing DUI charges in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre, Crestview, Niceville, and across the Florida Panhandle. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, call us at (850) 344-1736, or complete our contact form today to have us start building your strongest possible defense.