Were you arrested for DUI during a business trip or family vacation, or while on a spring break trip to Northwest Florida?

At Browning Law Firm in Fort Walton Beach, we can understand why you might not want to travel all the way back here to deal with the legal issues associated with being an out-of-state DUI client.

We Aggressively Represent You in Florida So You Won't Have to Return

Skilled DUI defense lawyer Coy H. Browning places a special focus on the rights of out-of-state clients. We will help you navigate Florida's DUI procedure and help you try to avoid possible DUI penalties.

In your absence, attorney Browning addresses issues related to Florida's 10-day rule, he requests a hearing for you and fights any threats of a driver's license suspension. He will investigate to see if the police made an illegal stop. If your breath test results or field sobriety testing look "iffy," he will aggressively safeguard your interests, in your absence.

You can count on Coy H. Browning for frequent updates on the status of your case. We pride ourselves on being available to all of our out-of-state DUI clients.

Why do we work so hard, on your behalf? It's because you may well have been innocent of DUI or drunk driving. And if that was the case, you deserve justice, no matter where you live. But, no matter what, you deserve to have your rights protected by an experienced attorney.

The next time you travel through Florida's panhandle and are pulled over for suspicion of DUI or DWI, contact former State Trooper Coy H. Browning. The hundreds of DUI arrests he made during his years in law enforcement and the hundreds of motorists he has defended as an attorney can work to your benefit.

You Might Not Have to Come Back to "Face the Music"

Call or complete our contact form for a free consultation with Browning Law Firm. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of DUI defendants.