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Jury Verdict: $1,276,000.00

Our client, a pleasant forty-three-year-old waitress, was t-boned in a red light intersection by an Avis Rent a Car employee. The impact broke her collarbone which required surgery involving a metal plate and screws. While in the hospital, she was also diagnosed with a bruised left shoulder. She was discharged from the hospital and in the next two months was diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff in her left shoulder. She underwent three rotator cuff repair surgeries, but unfortunately, all three surgeries ultimately failed. Due to the failed surgeries, she lost most of the use of her left arm and was unable to return to employment. The defense tried to argue that her torn rotator cuff was from years of her employment as a waitress lifting heavy trays, and not from the motor vehicle crash. Through expert testimony at trial, we established that the crash was indeed the cause of the torn rotator cuff and the jury agreed returning a verdict in the amount of $1,276,000.00. Prior to trial, the defense offered $526,000.00. (Matter ID: 11-2441)