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Settlement one month prior to trial:  $850,000.00

Our client, a hard working 34 year old county employee, was rear-ended by a landscape company truck while he was at work for the county. Our client sustained a whiplash injury to his neck and a lower back injury from the collision. The lower back injury ultimately resolved, but the neck complaints persisted. It was ultimately determined that he sustained ligament damage in his neck due to the impact.  After over three years of conservative treatment, our client underwent a C1-C2 fusion neck surgery which initially resulted in a good outcome and relieved his symptoms.  Unfortunately, the hardware in his neck failed, and he had to undergo a second neck surgery. Our client returned to work for the county and plans on a long career until his retirement. The defense hired an expert who testified, in his opinion, that the first surgery was unnecessary and, therefore, this case was nothing more than a soft tissue case. After we retained multiple expert witnesses and took their depositions for trial, the case settled approximately one month before trial for $850,000.00. (Matter ID: 09-1920)