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If you get injured in any sort of accident, you’ll need to go to the hospital. You have no idea if you’re seriously hurt or not. You may feel okay and then find out you have internal injuries. You could have suffered a traumatic brain injury. These things will require extensive medical care. You may be in the hospital for a few days or weeks. You may have to go to physical therapy for months following your accident. These things cost a lot of money. You deserve damages to compensate you for these expenses.

While you may have personal health insurance, they aren’t going to want to cover your medical bills. They know that the injuries were caused by someone else. They’re going to expect you to pursue the defendant for damages. And then, they’re going to want to be reimbursed for any costs they did pay. If you choose not to pursue the defendant, the insurance company can file a suit to recover the money they spent on your care.

Typically, plaintiffs in personal injury cases file a claim against the defendant’s insurance company. If it was a car accident, you’ll file a claim against their auto insurance policy. If you fell while on someone else’s property, you’ll be able to file a claim against their homeowner’s policy. There is almost always an insurance policy that you can pursue to cover your injuries. However, there are times when the defendant has no insurance. If this is the case, your Navarre personal injury lawyer will have to file a lawsuit on your behalf. They will name the defendant personally in this suit.

When you have to pursue someone personally for damages, your judgment may not be worth more than the paper it’s printed on. If someone doesn’t have any assets, there’s not much you can do to collect your judgment. In Florida, there aren’t many ways to execute on a personal injury judgment. Wages and property are, for the most part, exempt. Your Navarre injury lawyer will have to be creative in trying to help you collect your judgment.

You May Require Future Medical Care!Personal Injury Case in Navarre, Florida

When you are treated by your doctor, they’ll have to determine if you’re going to need future medical care. If you suffer very serious injuries, there’s a good chance you’ll need more care. For example, you may need long-term physical therapy. You may also need things like occupational therapy or chiropractic care. These things are expensive. And, your personal health insurance may not cover these things. Even if they do, the co-pays for these treatments will add up. The defendant should have to pay for these things.

In order to prove future medical bills, your Navarre personal injury attorney may have to call on your doctor to testify. At a minimum, they’ll get an affidavit that states how much medical care you’ll need going forward. You’ll also need to hire an expert to confirm how much this medical care will cost. Since it may extend over a period of years, you’ll have to account for things like inflation. Your attorney will make sure the amount included in your demand is enough to cover any future medical bills.

Depending on the Type of Accident You May Suffer Property Damage

If you’re in a car accident, you’re probably going to need to repair or replace your vehicle. Even in a minor accident, it’ll probably cost a few thousand dollars to fix your car. If your car is totaled, you’ll need to purchase a replacement vehicle. The defendant should have to cover these costs if they were the one who caused the crash. Your attorney will submit copies of your receipts from the body shop or mechanic who fixed your car. There’s a good chance your auto insurance company will cover these things. You can’t afford to wait until your personal injury lawsuit settles to get a new car. But, as with the medical bills, the insurance company will expect reimbursement when your case does settle.

Missing Time from Work Will Cost You Money

If you miss more than a couple of weeks from work, you can demand compensation for lost wages. If you only miss a few days, the court won’t award you these damages. Most people have enough sick time or personal time to cover a few days off from work. But if you miss a considerable amount of time, you may be allowed to recover against the defendant. Your attorney in Florida will have to first prove the defendant was at fault. Then, they’ll have to prove exactly how much you experienced in lost wages.

One way to prove lost wages it to submit payroll records. Your Navarre injury attorney will show the difference between what you earned prior to the accident and compare it to what you earned after the accident. These damages will be added to the other damages you demand in your lawsuit.

Are You Able to Work After Your Accident?

If you’re not able to work at all after your accident, you’ll be able to demand future lost earnings. If the accident leaves you in a position where you can no longer work full-time, you’re going to earn less money. For example, let’s say you were a construction worker before the accident. However, the crash left you with a broken neck or back. You can no longer do construction work. Instead, you have to take a desk job at a car dealership. You’re earning $25,000 less a year as result of this change.

Your Navarre personal injury lawyer will demand that you be compensated for this lost income. Consider the following example:

  • You were earning $80,000 per year prior to the accident.
  • As a result of the accident, you have to take a different job and are only earning $45,000 per year.
  • You are 30 years old and would have worked until you were 65.
  • You are going to demand 35 years’ worth of lost income.
  • The difference per year in earnings is $35,000
  • You multiple $35,000 by 35 years and end up with a loss of about $1.2 million. Your attorney will account for amortization and inflation. They will demand about $2 million in lost future earnings.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get this much money. The defendant will argue that you’ll make more than $45,000 as time goes on. And, if you settle your case, your Florida personal injury attorney may have to reduce the amount you’re willing to take for lost future income.

How Much Pain and Suffering Did You Experience?

If you’re seriously injured in your accident, you may be entitled to pain and suffering. These damages are intended to compensate you for the physical and mental anguish caused by the accident. For people who suffer serious injuries, the pain and suffering may be quite severe. Your personal injury lawyer in Florida will have to prove these damages.

Some of the things your attorney will argue to prove your pain and suffering include:

  • You can no longer work
  • You will be in physical pain for the rest of your life
  • You can no longer do normal things like drive, ride a bike or exercise
  • You can’t pick up your children or enjoy time with your family
  • You're experiencing anxiety as a result of your injury
  • You can no longer enjoy the same kind of social life that you did before the accident

The insurance company knows that a jury is apt to award pain and suffering. This is especially true if your injuries are serious. Rather than take that risk, they’ll be more likely to settle. Your attorney will incorporate your demand for pain and suffering into your settlement. In fact, these damages may make up the lion’s share of your settlement award.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Navarre, Florida Today

If you or your loved one suffer any kind of personal injury, you’ll need help. You need to focus on recovering from your injuries. That’s why you need to call an experienced personal injury lawyer in Navarre, Florida. Let them handle the legal side of things while you focus on getting better.

You can schedule your initial consultation. It’s absolutely free and you pay nothing until settle your case. You can sit down with a skilled injury lawyer and describe what happened. They can give you an idea of what your case may be worth. They can also answer any questions you may have.

The defendant is going to have a team of lawyers working for them. You’ll be at a serious disadvantage if you don’t have legal representation. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. Call and speak with an experienced Navarre personal injury lawyer in Navarre today. Let them negotiate a settlement that compensated you for your injuries.

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