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A DUI arrest results in the suspension of a driver's license. Because it is difficult to get around without a car in Fort Walton BeachHow to apply for hardship license in florida, losing a driver's license usually affects the whole family. If your appeal against the initial administrative suspension was denied, you may be able to apply for a hardship license after a DUI arrest.

Learn how to apply for a hardship license in Florida below.

Florida Hardship Permit

You may apply for a hardship license if your Florida driver's license was suspended as a result of a DUI arrest. A hardship license allows you to drive only on certain roads. Work-only and business-only hardship permits are the two primary kinds of hardship licenses available.

  • Business Purposes Exclusively: This type of hardship license restricts your driving to only necessary tasks related to your livelihood. This includes driving to and from work, driving to school, driving on the job, and driving to church or medical appointments.
  • Work Purposes Exclusively: A work purposes only is a hardship license that limits your driving rights to only employment-related driving.

How To Obtain a Hardship License in Florida

Following a DUI arrest in Florida, it is critical to determine if you qualify for a Florida hardship license. Our Fort Walton Beach criminal defense attorney can assist you at every step of the procedure.

To be eligible for a hardship license in Florida after a DUI charge, you must:

  • Enroll in DUI School: There are a good number of DUI schools in Fort Walton Beach.
  • Bring Proof of Enrollment: The DHSMV Administrative Review Office will want proof of enrollment in a DUI school. The DHSMV office requires an application to be filled out and a filing fee.
  • Get a real license at any DMV location.

How Much Does a Hardship License Cost in Florida

The DHSMV office requires an application to be filled out and a filing fee of $12.00, but you may be asked to pay extra costs based on the specifics of your case, such as the reason for your license suspension and the kind of DUI conviction you have.

Hardship license in florida

In Florida, who is not eligible for a DUI hardship license?

  • Any hardship license for a second or subsequent suspension for breath test refusal or if the individual has been convicted of DUI under Section 316.193 two or more times is prohibited by Florida law.
  • A hardship license to operate a commercial motor vehicle cannot be obtained by drivers who have lost their commercial driver's license (CDL).
  • Drivers accused of or convicted of vehicular or criminal vehicular manslaughter.
  • DUI drivers that caused severe bodily harm.

Hardship License Hearings in Florida

The DHSMV office will handle your DUI hardship license application, and you will be required to attend a hearing there. These hearings are first come, first served, so arrive early. The hearing officer will examine your case and decide whether or not you need a hardship license.

At this point, the office will assess how many limits or privileges you deserve based on your defense. If you are granted a hardship license during the hearing/review, you must proceed to your local DMV office with the permission letter to get a real driver's license.

Apply for hardship license in Florida

Fees for Reinstating Your Florida Driver's License After a DUI

You will most likely be required to undergo an examination and pay an administrative fee (cost varies), a reinstatement fee ($45 for suspensions and $75 for revocations), and any licensing fees necessary at the DMV office. You will also be required to present evidence of liability insurance on the day of your arrest, as well as proof of current liability coverage.

We Can Assist You With Your Hardship License Hearings

This is your final chance to restore your license; if you are not granted a hardship license, you will be required to serve the suspension term. The process of receiving your hardship license may be quite difficult, and with so much at stake, it might seem frightening.

Attorneys at Browning Law are well-versed in all of the papers, timelines, regulations, and documentation required to get a hardship license. We have assisted several individuals in navigating the process of obtaining a hardship license after a DUI, as well as every step of the way if you’re charged with DUI.

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