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It is common to want to post on a social media platform after being involved in a motorcycle accident. You may want your friends and family to know what happened, and your posts will allow them to keep updated on your status. Anything you post on a platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or TikTok can be used against your case. Most attorneys advise clients to refrain from such postings, even if your platforms have strict privacy settings, so that your information stays protected and isn’t used by the at-fault party in the case. Using social media after a motorcycle accident

Examples of What Not to Post

Protecting your motorcycle accident claim is critical when you’re negotiating a settlement or your attorney has taken your case to court. It’s in your best interests to take a break from using social media as a communication mechanism. Often, insurance companies and the lawyers of the at-fault party will use your postings to prove that you weren’t seriously injured. Posts can also be used to show that you were the party at fault. There are many social media mistakes you can make after an accident that can negatively impact your claim.

Some examples of what not to post on social media include:

  • Status updates on your recovery or on how you are feeling
  • Details about your case and who was involved
  • Details about a social event you recently attended: a get together with friends, dinner at a restaurant, or a birthday party
  • Tagged photos or videos from family or friends that show you out in public
  • Photos or videos of the accident scene
  • Photos of your injuries
  • Check-ins at a specific location

Keep in mind that no matter how secure you think your privacy settings may be, there are ways that your information can become public or shared. The only way to be safe is to refrain from sharing anything to social media sites while your claim is being settled.

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