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Floridians love dogs, regardless of where you are, there is likely a dog nearby.

Owners of dogs regularly bring their pets to restaurants with outdoor patios. Dogs join their owners on errands, including trips to big-box hardware shops. Dogs may be observed roaming around with families at Florida beaches and parks as summer approaches.

All of these Florida Fido activities might be thrilling and entertaining, but they also raise the possibility of a dog bite. A dog bite may cause catastrophic injuries that might be expensive for owners or entitled victims to monetary recompense.

Why do Dogs Attack and How Do you Prevent It?

Toy aggressiveness, a lack of socialization, constraint frustration, and owner protection are just a few of the numerous reasons your dog may strike out.


We advise pet owners not to allow the dread of possible problems to prevent them from scheduling puppy play dates with other well-behaved dogs or taking them on walks around town, but we do want pet owners to be prepared if one of these tragic circumstances occurs.

Because Fort Walton Beach has severe leash rules, an owner should have control of their dog in most social settings. However, aggressiveness may appear in the dog park, in our backyards, at the dog beach, and during other off-leash activities.

In most cases, a dog's violent conduct can be justified by a negative trigger that happened in the seconds before the assault, and in such cases, both owners address the problem, remove the dogs, check for injuries, and move on.

However, if the situation is serious enough, more action may be taken or even mandated by law.

What Happens If My Dog Bites Another Dog in Destin, Florida?

Aside from the potential of a dog bite lawsuit, dog owners must also deal with the "Dangerous Dog Act," which may result in criminal penalties in certain circumstances.

If a dog attacks a human or another dog, the owner may face a misdemeanor penalty if the dog is deemed dangerous by the Animal Control Board. Even if the owner was aware of their dog's aggressive tendencies prior to the "dangerous" categorization, they might still face charges.

Dog owners whose pets bite another dog would be held liable for any injuries caused during the incident.

Dogs that bite someone might be impounded. If the dog's injuries are serious enough, it may be euthanized.

When a Dog Bites Another Dog Law in Florida

An animal control authority shall investigate reported incidents involving any dog that may be dangerous and shall be promptly seized by an animal control authority, quarantined for the appropriate period of time, or impounded and kept. The dog may be kept awaiting the conclusion of the inquiry, as well as any hearings or appeals connected to the dangerous dog classification or any punishment imposed under this section.

If the dog is to be killed, it may not be destroyed while the appeal is being heard. The owner is responsible for paying any boarding charges and other fees that may be necessary to maintain the animal properly and securely until any hearing or appeal.

A dog that is under dangerous dog investigation that is not imprisoned by the animal control authorities must be humanely and safely kept by the owner in a securely gated or enclosed place. The animal must be restrained in this way till the conclusion of the investigation and the resolution of any hearings or appeals relating to the dangerous dog classification or any punishment imposed under this section. The animal control authority must be given the address where the animal resides. A dog that is the subject of a hazardous dog investigation may not be moved or transferred until the investigation, any hearings or appeals connected to the dangerous dog classification, or any punishment imposed under this section are completed.


A dog is not considered dangerous if:

  • The threat, injury, or damage was inflicted by a person who was illegally on the property at the time or who, while lawfully on the property, tormented, abused, or assaulted the dog, its owner, or a family member.
  • The dog was guarding or shielding a human being in the dog's area from an unjustified attack or assault.

When a dangerous dog's classification and punishment become final after a hearing or by operation of law, the animal control authority must send a written final order to the owner through registered mail, certified hand delivery, or service.

After receiving the final ruling, the owner may appeal the classification, penalty, or both to the circuit court in line with the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure. If the dog is not being detained by the animal control authority, the owner must keep the dog in a securely fenced or contained area until the appeal is resolved.

What About If I Got Injured While Trying to Protect My Dog?

Then the other owner might be held accountable if their dog assaults your dog and you’re hurt while defending it.

If that’s the case, seeking the advice of an expert attorney may help you understand your circumstances and build a game plan for the best possible conclusion to your case.

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