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We send our kids off to school in the morning hoping they have a good day and learn a little something. We know their favorite class is gym. We never think they’re going to get hurt. But all kinds of things can happen at school. Kids rough house. They play sports like dodge ball and basketball. There is just as much a chance of our kids getting hurt in gym class as there is at the playground. Teachers can be very careful, but they can’t prevent all accidents. Depending on how your child is hurt, the school may be liable for their injuries.

We dread getting a phone call in the middle of the day from our kid’s school. It usually means they are in the principal’s office for doing something naughty. Or, they want to ask us to run home and grab their science project that they left on the hall table. What do we do when we get a phone call telling us our child has been hurt? What are we supposed to think when our kids get hurt at the one place where we think they’re safe?Child Injured in Gym Class

If your child is hurt in gym class, the first thing you need to do is make sure they get medical treatment. Even if the school nurse tells us she thinks they are fine, we don’t want to take that chance. He could have internal injuries or a concussion. It’s always best that they go to the hospital and get thoroughly checked out. The second thing you need to do is contact a personal injury attorney in Fort Walton Beach.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Walton Beach Can Help

Our kids are supposed to be kept safe at school. Safe from harm, safe from injuries and safe from strangers. When something goes wrong and they get hurt, we need to rely on an experienced personal injury attorney to get us justice. It’s not uncommon for kids to get hurt in gym class. When gym teachers design their lesson plans, they have to account for the students’ safety. This is why kids today don’t play the same kinds of games we played as kids. Twenty or thirty years ago, people didn’t really think about stuff like this. They would let the kids go outside and play on the jungle gym unattended. Things are different now. School administrators understand that if a kid gets hurt on their watch, they will be held responsible.

Suppose your son’s class is playing dodge ball in gym class. Now let’s suppose that there are a few kids in his class who aren’t very nice. They take a game like dodge ball and turn it into a free for all. They purposely throw the ball at your son’s face. Your son, who wears glasses, falls and smashes his face on the gymnasium floor. His glasses break and he gets shards of glass in his eye. He has to be rushed to the hospital and requires emergency surgery. There is a fear that he won’t be able to see out of his left eye ever again.

Were you able to imagine this? We bet you were. This means that your child’s gym teacher should be able to imagine this as well. This means that they are able to foresee something like this happening. If this is the case, your son’s teacher should have thought twice before letting this group of kids play dodge ball. The school will be held responsible for any injuries your son sustains.

How Does Sovereign Immunity Work in Florida?

While your child is at school, the school is held vicariously liable for whatever happens to your children. They take on the role of the parent while they are in charge of your children. This means if the kids get hurt during school hours, the school will probably be held responsible for their injuries. Unlike some other states, however, Florida does have something called sovereign immunity. This does not mean the school isn’t liable for students’ injuries. It simply means there are limits on how much you can sue a school for these injuries.

Because a school is considered a political subdivision of the state, they do enjoy something called sovereign immunity. This means that, for the most part, teachers and the school are immune from most types of lawsuits. However, this immunity does not extend to negligence. If your child is injured due to a teacher’s negligence, the school can still be held liable. You need to rely on an experienced Fort Walton Beach personal injury attorney to guide you through the process.

Contact a Fort Walton Beach Personal Injury for Child Injuries at School

If your child has been hurt during gym class at school, you need to contact a Fort Walton Beach personal injury lawyer. He will make sure you are compensated for your child’s injuries. The initial consultation is absolutely free. It gives you a chance to discuss your case with the attorney and get an idea of how strong your case may be.

You don’t want to go up against the school’s lawyers alone. They are going to have experienced attorneys on their side. You need to have them on yours too. The consultation is free and you pay nothing until you settle your case. Contact a local personal injury attorney in Fort Walton Beach today and get the peace of mind you deserve.


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