One of the most common injuries from a car accident is whiplash. You’ve probably seen movies and tv shows where accident victims wear a neck brace. A neck brace is a tell-tale sign of whiplash. It keeps the head from moving too far in any direction. This prevents any unnecessary pain in your head and neck.

Whiplash is one of the least serious injuries you can suffer. If you’re lucky, it will be the only injury you suffer. It is caused by your head and neck being thrown back and forth. This occurs when your car is struck by another vehicle. The impact forces your head and neck to stretch too far. When it is stretched beyond its normal range, you get whiplash.

Whiplash is painful. It can last for days or weeks. The problem is, it doesn’t show up on x-rays or MRIs. The only thing a doctor can go by is your word. If a doctor confirms that you are in pain related to whiplash, he will note it in your chart.

It is very important that you seek medical attention following your car accident. Since whiplash is so hard to prove, you will need all the help you can get. Your doctor’s notes may be all your lawyer has to go on.

Whiplash Injuries in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

If you’ve suffered whiplash, you will want to seek damages. You should definitely have an attorney help you with this. It is not something you want to do by yourself. You simply don’t have the experience and skills necessary to do this.

Whiplash is considered a fake injury by many people. Juries are sometimes skeptical when a victim claims he has whiplash. People on the street often think you are exaggerating your injuries. It is hard because whiplash is impossible to prove.

Florida law does allow for whiplash claims. If you file an insurance claim for whiplash, it may be denied. The insurance company will claim that it isn’t a legitimate injury. They may also argue that it wasn’t caused by the accident. Either way, you may end up having to get hard proof.

The only kind of proof available is your doctor’s testimony. Your whiplash lawyer will ask your doctor to testify as a medical expert. He will speak to your pain and complaints. He will testify that, in his professional opinion, you have whiplash.

You Will Need Help After a Fort Walton Beach Florida Car Accident

Regardless of how serious your injuries are, the last thing you need is a legal mess. Insurance companies have attorneys working for them. You should have the same. It is important that you contact a lawyer to help you after a car accident in Florida.

Your car accident lawyer knows how to negotiate with the insurance companies. They also know how to negotiate with other lawyers. If your claim is simply for whiplash, your lawyer should be able to settle it.

If you are not able to settle your claim, you may have to file suit. Florida law gives you up to four years to file your pe

Whiplash Injuries in Fort Walton Beach Florida, Attorney Tips

rsonal injury lawsuit. This is called the statute of limitations. Florida law is much more lenient than most states. Most states only give you two years to file suit.

Just because the law gives you four years, doesn’t mean you should wait four years. Work with a personal injury lawyer right away. The faster you file suit, the sooner you can settle. If you wait too long, you will run into the following problems:

  • Will be hard to prove you were hurt
  • You may lose your paperwork and records
  • Eyewitnesses may no longer be available
  • You want your doctor’s testimony to be fresh – it gets stale over time
  • The other party could disappear (they could die, file bankruptcy, retire, etc.)

Don’t make your lawyer’s job harder by waiting to file. You should meet with a lawyer immediately following a car accident. Even if you end up not taking legal action, you want to explore your options right away.

Contact a Car Accident Law Firm

If you have suffered whiplash in a car accident, you will be in pain. You may miss time from work. Depending on how severe it is, you could be laid up for some time. You want to focus on your recovery. Let a legal expert handle the rest of it for you.

If you’ve been in an accident, contact a car accident law firm immediately. The initial consultation is free. You get a chance to go over your case with an experienced attorney. You can ask him your questions and get some peace of mind.

When meeting with your lawyer, you will go over your possible damages. Damages are the losses you have suffered as a result of the accident. Some damages common with whiplash injuries are:

  • Medical bills (past, present and future)
  • Time off from work
  • Personal property damages to car
  • Pain and suffering

The medical bills are easy to prove. Your car accident lawyer will just show proof of your hospital visit and treatment. It is also easy to prove time missed from work and property damages. It is a little harder to account for pain and suffering.

Florida law does allow for pain and suffering. This is money paid to compensate you for non-economic losses. This covers things like anxiety, depression, fear, loss of social interaction and the like. With a whiplash claim, there really won’t be much pain and suffering. You will have a hard time proving that your whiplash injury seriously affected your normal life.

This is why attorneys try to settle whiplash claims. You will get a few thousand dollars to make the claim go away. Contact a car accident lawyer in Florida today. The initial consultation is free and you pay nothing until you win your case.

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