When you go to the doctor, you’re hoping he’ll help you get well. Whether you’re hurt or just feeling sick, doctors are supposed to make you feel better. So, when they do something that makes you sick, it can be scary.

There are different situations in which you can end up with the wrong medication. No matter how it happens, the results can be disastrous. Depending on the kind of drug that is given to you, you could get sick or even die.

Some of the dangers caused by prescribing or filling the wrong medication include:

  • You could be allergic to the medication
  • You may be on another medicine that can’t be mixed with the wrong medication
  • You may have a bad reaction to the drug
  • You may have a heart condition or other illness that responds poorly to the medication
  • You may have a history of addiction that prevents you from taking certain kinds of narcotics

No matter what the result, you may have a claim against multiple parties. This is why you need to call a personal injury lawyer in Crestview, Florida.

Your Doctor May Prescribe the Wrong Medication

When you go the emergency room or doctor’s office, you will be seen by a doctor. The doctor will examine you and get your medical history. He’s responsible for making sure he doesn’t prescribe you a medication that will interact poorly with a drug you’re already on.

If you tell the doctor what medications you’re allergic to, it’s his job to avoid prescribing these drugs. However, if you don’t tell him you’re allergic, or if you’re not conscious, he can’t be expected to know this information. The emergency room normally won’t have access to your medical records.

If you visit a doctor’s office, he should have your medical records. There's no excuse for him prescribing you a medication you’re allergic to. Nor is there a reason why he wouldn’t know about potential drug interactions.

The Pharmacy May Fill Your Prescription with the Wrong Drug

Your doctor may give you a written prescription or he may call it into the pharmacy. You go to the pharmacy to pick it up a few hours later. You should be able to trust that the pharmacy knows what they’re doing. You’re not a pharmacist. You have no idea what’s supposed to be in that bottle.

The pharmacist is supposed to double check that the right medication is put into your bottle. In fact, the pharmacy tech usually fills and then the lead pharmacist counts it again and makes sure it’s the right medicine.

If the pharmacy gives you the wrong medication, they can be held liable for any injuries. The same is true if they give you a drug without telling you about any interactions. There should be very specific instructions and warnings on the paper attached to your prescription. If this is missing, the pharmacy can also be held liable.

The Pharmacy May Give You Another Patient’s Medications

People do make mistakes. If the pharmacy gives you the wrong prescription, they can be held responsible for any injuries that ensue. You’ll also be expected to use common sense. If the wrong label is on the bag or bottle, you should notice it.

Most people know what drugs their doctor prescribed them. In fact, most prescriptions are just refills of medications that patient’s already on. So, when you see the label is for something else, you should bring it to the pharmacist’s attention.

If the patient is elderly, they probably won’t be held to as high a standard as another customer. We can reasonably expect that an elderly customer won’t be as scrutinous of their prescription label as other people.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Crestview, Florida

If you or your loved one have been injured due to a prescription error, you need help. You should call and speak with a personal injury lawyer in Crestview, Florida right away. You may have a claim against multiple parties.

Some of these parties may include:

  • Doctor
  • Hospital
  • Urgent care clinic
  • Pharmacist
  • Store housing the pharmacy

Call today and schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Crestview. He can review your case and let you know what it may be worth. He can also answer any questions you may have.

The consultation is free and you pay nothing until you settle your case.

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