No one can truly prepare for the potential devastation after being involved in an accident with a drunk driver. But it’s crucial to take steps that will protect your right to fair compensation. What to do after a DUI crash

Steps to Take If You’re Injured by a Drunk Driver

If you’re hit by a drunk driver, there are steps you should take to ensure you have the best chance of being compensated for your injuries. You should:

  1. Call an ambulance. Drunk driving crashes often result in serious injuries, which means you and others will need immediate medical attention.
  2. Call the police. Let the police know you suspect the accident involves a drunk driver, but do not confront the intoxicated person.
  3. Make a note of why you believe the other driver is intoxicated. This might be the way the person is behaving or speaking or if you can smell alcohol.
  4. Take pictures. After you have called the authorities, and if you can do so safely, start documenting the scene with photographs. Be sure to record the license plate of the alleged drunk driver in case they try to flee the scene. Take pictures of any evidence of drinking that you might see such as empty bottles or cans inside the car.
  5. Take video. If you can take a video of the drunk driver and the scene of the crash, this can provide useful evidence of your case.
  6. Exchange contact information with any eyewitnesses. You may need these eyewitnesses later to recount the details of the accident in a potential lawsuit.
  7. Contact an experienced drunk driving attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can help guide you through the necessary steps in the aftermath of an accident, protecting your interests with insurance companies to ensure you are fully compensated.

Contact a DUI Accident Attorney

The number of details to keep in mind after you are hit by a drunk driver can seem overwhelming—but they don’t have to be. Browning Law Firm is here to help. We can gather evidence to prove liability, file a claim with the insurance company, and help you get the compensation you deserve. Call today to schedule a consultation.