Generally, we charge a flat rate fee for DUI defense. This ensures against the uncertain cost that can come with legal services and provides peace of mind that our lawyers are not making frivolous defenses and motions only to increase billable hours. We divide the fees into pretrial and trial fees. In other words, we charge a flat fee for all representation up to the point of the trial and an additional fee if the client decides to proceed with a trial.

Every Case Is Unique

Every DUI case has a different set of facts and circumstances. Therefore, our fees are different in every case. Our legal fees start at $2,500. The fees increase based upon the complexity of a case and the amount of preparation and trial time we estimate to be involved. We make every effort to make our services affordable for you. Major credit cards are accepted and payment plans are available. It is impossible for us to give a complete legal fee quote until we have an initial consultation with a client.

In our criminal system, whether you think you are guilty or not guilty, you are entitled to fight your charges. Some clients decide to fight their charges and want a jury trial. Other clients do not want to fight their charges, but they want our law firm to negotiate with the State for the best possible plea agreement. In fact, most cases can be resolved without the need for a trial.