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Driving Under the Influence (DUI) remains a significant risk to public safety with various consequences. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drunk drivers account for 31% of the reasons causing traffic crash fatality cases. Each case's legal framework can differ depending on the injury's seriousness.

When a DUI incident results in an accident but fortunately spares any physical injuries, it remains a serious matter with potential legal consequences. This article will explain the legal issues following a DUI with accident no injury and the steps one should take in the wake of such an event.

DUI with Accidents no Injury - What to do After?

What happens with DUI accidents with no injury?

The court classifies the no-injury DUI incident as a misdemeanor with the same penalties as a standard drunk driving case. However, the prosecutor can settle a higher penalty of the punishment range when focusing on the driver's vehicle impairment.

Specifically, the sentencing process will consider all involved pieces of evidence, such as Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) levels, witness testimonies, and field sobriety test results, to establish the main reasons for the accidents coming from the driver’s impaired state. Besides, violating traffic laws or reckless driving can contribute to more severe punishment in the final decision.

Generally, the penalties for DUI accidents with no injury include fines, driver’s license suspension, DUI education programs, and possibly jail time. These types of penalties are executed to prevent future DUI accidents and wake everybody up about the seriousness of driving under alcohol.

What happens with DUI accidents with minor injuries?

For minor injury cases, the offenders can cope with more severe penalties depending on how much the driver's impairment contributes to the reasons causing accidents. Specifically, the prosecutor will conclude medical reports, accident reconstruction, and expert testimonies, which help illustrate how reckless driving causes injuries directly, to claim a higher punishment range.

Generally, the penalties for this case include significant fines and long license suspension periods. Besides, the drivers must participate in DUI educational programs or counseling attendance to consolidate their minds about the seriousness of drinking alcohol while driving.

What happens with DUI accidents with minor injuries?

How does the court sentence DUI cases?

Depending on the number of offenses, specific guidelines and penalties exist to address different DUI cases.

First Offense DUI

License Suspension/IID: The license duration for a first-offense DUI can vary from several months to a year. Sometimes, the offenders must drive under restricted conditions with a mandatory court request to install an interlock device (IID).

Jail/Probation: The first offense can experience just a few-day jail sentence or take probation with no jail time under restricted conditions set by the court.

DUI Education: To avoid further DUI accidents in the future, the offenders must participate in mandatory education programs with a series of classes lasting several weeks or months.

Second Offense DUI

License Suspension/IID: The license suspension period for a second DUI offense is usually longer, often extending to two years or more. Courts are more likely to require the installation of an IID for a period following the suspension. This is part of a stricter approach to repeat offenses.

Jail/Probation: The second offense has to overcome stricter probation terms with various conditions. Specifically, it will have closer supervision, requiring regular check-ins with probation officers.

DUI Education: More intensive DUI education programs are considered for repeat offenders. These may include not only educational courses but also therapy sessions or support group meetings to address underlying issues related to alcohol use.

Third Offense DUI

License Suspension/IID: For a third DUI offense, license suspension periods are significantly extended, often several years. An IID is almost always required after the suspension period, sometimes for an extended duration. In some states, offenders might face permanent license revocation for a third-time offense.

Jail/Probation: Jail time for a third offense is typically much longer, with some states imposing mandatory minimum sentences that can be several months long. Probation testringenty strict, with conditions such as frequent drug and alcohol testing and strict curfews.

DUI Education: Courts may mandate long-term participation in DUI education and treatment programs. These programs are more comprehensive, including ongoing counseling and possibly inpatient treatment, reflecting the seriousness of repeated DUI offenses.

How does the court sentence DUI cases?

How do you deal with DUI accidents with no injuries in Florida?

Driving under the influence poses a severe offense in Florida, even in the case of no injuries results. With 0,08% or higher blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or under other influences, while controlling a vehicle, the drivers must face legal problems with different punishment frameworks. Depending on the repeated offending times, the severity of the penalties can vary, including license suspension and probably jail time.

Steps to take following a DUI accident with no injuries in Florida:

  • Ensure Safety: Report the injury status of people involved in the accidents, ensure no one is hurt, and seek medical attention to diagnose potential injuries.
  • Report the Incident: Call the police and report the property damage resulting from the accidents. Wait for them to arrive without leaving the scene.
  • Gather Information: Ask for the driver’s profile, scene photographs, and witness testimonials to report the overall situation of the accident.
  • Contact Your Insurance Company: Reduce the penalties with a consultation from your insurance company about the filing claim process.
  • Consult with a Lawyer: Understand your rights and how to navigate the legal process with professional support from specialized law firms.

How can we help you fight DUI charge in Florida?

The sooner you talk to a seasoned DUI attorney, the higher your chances of a positive outcome in your DUI accident with no injury case. Browning Law Firm offers a free first consultation to help you understand your situation, providing clarity and peace of mind during this stressful period.

We're here to support drivers dealing with DUI charges in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, Navarre, Crestview, Niceville, and across the Florida Panhandle. If you've been arrested for DUI, reach out to us at (850) 344-1736 or fill out our contact form. Let us begin constructing the strongest defense for you.

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