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The increased number of legal disputes has enabled various individuals to learn about initiating a lawsuit. While diving into the detailed lists of available things for suing, you will overcome the intricate challenges covering financial and emotional burdens. Regarding supporting individuals and entities in when to take legal actions, this article will provide knowledge covering the basics of legal suing, walking through the lawsuit process, and the list of things you can sue for.

List of things you can sue for

List Of Things You Can Sue For

The reasons behind legal disputes can come in various forms. You can conduct legal litigation when involved in the following things. 


1. Auto Accidents

These include collisions between cars and can result from negligence, such as speeding or distracted driving. Victims can sue for damages like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

2. Truck Accidents

These accidents, comprising larger commercial vehicles, often have more complex legal implications due to the size and regulations governing trucks. Victims can pursue compensation for extensive injuries and property damage.

3. Motorcycle Accidents

Given the vulnerability of motorcyclists, accidents involving motorcycles can lead to severe injuries. Legal claims can address issues of negligence and seek compensation for the significant physical and financial impacts.

4. Rideshare Accident Liability

Involving services like Uber or Lyft, these accidents raise unique legal questions about liability and insurance coverage. Depending on the circumstances, passengers, drivers, or third parties can file claims.

5.  ATV Accidents

Accidents involving all-terrain vehicles can occur off-road and might be relative to product liability or negligence claims, especially regarding improper maintenance or operation.

6. Boating Accidents

These can include collisions or personal injuries occurring on watercraft. Legal claims may cover operator negligence, equipment failure, or other factors unique to marine environments.

Each type of accident carries its own set of complexities and legal considerations, often necessitating professional legal advice to navigate the claims process effectively.

7. Slip and Fall Accidents

These incidents, often occurring on another's property, can lead to lawsuits if negligence in maintaining safe premises is evident. Victims can seek compensation for injuries sustained due to unsafe conditions like wet floors or poor lighting.

Personal Injuries

1. Wrongful Death

This serious claim arises when another's negligence or misconduct causes an individual's death. The deceased's family can pursue damages for loss of companionship, income, and funeral expenses, among other losses.

2. Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries cause miserable consequences for victims, stemming from accidents or violence. In this case, the plaintiff can conduct a claim for medical treatment and long-term health care based on the injury's seriousness.

3. Spinal Injuries

These injuries, potentially causing paralysis or other significant impairments, can be the basis for a lawsuit. Compensation can cover medical expenses, ongoing care, and adjustments needed for a changed lifestyle.

List of things you can sue for

Criminal Cases

1. Victims of DUI Accidents

Victims related to accidents caused by alcohol or any affected influence can file civil lawsuits against the offender. By focusing on the legal actions of the driver, the case can end up with considerable compensation for medical expenses, property damage, and emotional distress caused by the accident.

2. Criminal Defense

Defendants suffering from wrongful imprisonment or other injustices can conduct civil suits to claim compensation. Specifically, the individual can recover their mental health from loss of income, emotional distress, and damage to reputation.

What Emotional Things Can You Sue For?

In legal terms, emotional distress, also known as "mental anguish" or "psychological injury”, is a type of claim that one can pursue in a civil lawsuit. When someone experiences emotional harm due to the actions of another party, they may have grounds to sue for emotional distress. 

What Emotional Things Can You Sue For?

Here are some common situations where individuals may seek damages for emotional distress:

- Harassment and Bullying: If you've been harassed or bullied, you can sue if this behavior caused significant emotional distress.
- Invasion of Privacy: Suing for emotional distress is an option if someone invades your privacy in a way that causes mental suffering.
- Witnessing a Traumatic Event: Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event can also be grounds for a lawsuit if it leads to severe emotional distress.
- Intentional Infliction of Distress: This applies when someone's extreme and outrageous behavior intentionally causes you emotional harm.
- Negligence Cases: If someone's carelessness directly results in your emotional distress, you might have a case against them.

It's important to note that emotional distress claims can be complex, and the laws governing them vary by jurisdiction. Additionally, the level of distress must often meet a certain threshold, and proving the seriousness of your emotional status before the court can be challenging due to its intangibility.


When it comes to legal claims, the list of things you can sue for is extensive, from personal injuries and emotional distress to auto accidents and more. Remember, the specifics of each case matter, and seeking guidance is key. 

At Browning Law, we understand the confusion you might be facing throughout the entire legal procedure for suing, that’s why we offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and provide guidance to help you make informed decisions about your legal options. 

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