Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have become increasingly popular in Florida and across the country. Using these services comes with certain risks, and accidents involving rideshare services have increased. Various factors can cause rideshare accidents, and if you happen to be involved in one, it is important to have a trusted rideshare accident lawyer on your side to help you navigate the legal process.  Rideshare accidents 

Understanding Rideshare Accidents

While there are a variety of reasons why a rideshare accident can happen, the most common cause is distracted driving. A rideshare driver may be distracted due to texting or talking on the phone or looking at their GPS. They may also become distracted when talking to their passengers and not paying attention to the road.

Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents  

  • Speeding. Many rideshare drivers are in a hurry to pick up or drop off their passengers, and speeding and reckless driving can cause an accident.
  • Driver fatigue. Rideshare drivers may take on extra hours or work long shifts to collect as many rides as possible. This can lead to driver fatigue, which can impair judgment and reaction times and increase the risk of an accident.
  • Poor vehicle maintenance. Rideshare drivers use their own vehicles. If they fail to maintain them properly, this can lead to brake failure, tire blowouts, and other mechanical issues that can cause an accident.
  • Unsafe road conditions. Poor road conditions, such as potholes, construction sites, and uneven surfaces, can contribute to rideshare accidents.
  • Unfamiliar roads. Driving on unfamiliar roads can also increase the chances of an accident since the driver could get lost or encounter unexpected turns and stops on the route that could cause confusion.
  • Adverse weather conditions. Weather conditions such as rain or fog can make seeing the road and any potential hazards difficult and could contribute to an accident.

When to Contact a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

When you are injured in a rideshare accident, it is important to alert law enforcement, and seek medical attention for any injuries you suffer. It is also essential to contact an experienced rideshare accident lawyer immediately following the crash. A rideshare accident lawyer will investigate the incident to determine the cause and who to hold liable. They will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and if the insurance company does not settle your case, an attorney will take your case to court.

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