According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), traumatic brain injuries occur when normal brain functioning is disrupted by a blow, jolt, or bump to the head or a penetrating head injury.

Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury that typically occur after a blow to the head or severe shaking of the head that causes the brain to collide with the skull. Causes of concussions

How Concussions Happen

If you hit your head or are involved in an accident that causes your head to be jerked back and forth in a forceful way, you may suffer a concussion. These brain injuries may occur after a(n):

  • Slip and fall accident. Concussions commonly happen after falls. If you hit your head on the ground or another object, you could suffer a concussion.
  • Auto accident, including a rideshare accident or DUI accident. Car crashes are another common cause of concussions. A concussion may occur if you hit your head during the crash or if the collision happens with enough force to cause your brain to be shaken around enough to hit your skull. It’s possible for a whiplash injury to result in a concussion.
  • Motorcycle accident. Motorcycle helmets may reduce the likelihood of concussions, but they can still happen. Concussions are more likely if you are not wearing a helmet, if you are wearing the wrong type of helmet, or if your helmet comes off during an accident.
  • Truck accident. An accident with a truck can result in a concussion. The size and weight of trucks often result in more serious types of injuries than other types of motor vehicle wrecks.
  • ATV accident. ATVs are a lot of fun and enjoyed by many people in Florida. However, ATVs are also risky. If the ATV rolls over or collides with another object, concussions and other injuries may occur.
  • Boating accident. Florida weather makes boating and jet skiing enjoyable year-round. However, a boat accident or a jet ski accident can result in a concussion if you hit your head, you are thrown overboard, or a collision occurs with enough force to cause whiplash.

What to Expect After a Concussion

Some people recover from concussions within a few weeks. Other people, however, suffer long-term injuries, such as ongoing headaches, post-traumatic vertigo, and post-concussion syndrome.

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