If you suffered injuries in a car accident, it’s possible that the at-fault driver was intoxicated. If you noticed the driver walking erratically, slurring words, or dumping alcohol before the police arrive at the accident scene, it’s important to know what to do next and how to protect your rights and legal recovery after a drunk driving crashWhat to do after a crash with a drunk driver

What to Do at the Scene of a DUI Car Crash

You may not be sure that the at-fault driver was drunk when the accident occurred; however, if you have concerns alcohol was involved, you should:

  • Tell the police officer about your concern. Once you tell the officer about your suspicions, the officer should make note of your concerns in the police report. Additionally, the officer should look for all relevant evidence at the accident scene and may test the other driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) level to determine if the driver is under the influence of alcohol.
  • Record as much as you can about the accident. Take pictures or videos if you are physically able to do so. Both photos and video recordings can provide essential evidence in a car crash case. Additionally, make notes—either handwritten or on your cell phone—about your observations. These notes may be important evidence in your case.
  • Get the names and contact information of witnesses. People who saw the accident happen may have noticed details that you missed and may provide critical information for your case.

Do not confront the other driver or put yourself at risk of further injury if the other driver appears out of control or dangerous.

What to Do After the Crash

After you leave the scene of the crash, you should continue protecting yourself by:

  • Getting medical help. A doctor will diagnose your injuries, recommend a treatment plan, and provide essential documentation of your injuries in your medical record.
  • Talking with an experienced lawyer. A lawyer will make sure that all relevant evidence is gathered, your case is filed before the statute of limitations expires, and your rights are protected during insurance negotiations and in court.

Drunk driving is against the law and can cause catastrophic car crash injuries. If you’ve been injured, we encourage you to contact our Florida DUI accident victim law firm any time for a free, no-obligation consultation.